Lesson 6 – Technical Staff

Technical Staff

Your technical staff is just as important as your support staff. These people will set up, test, and fix the technical applications of your event. Technicians vary in their specialties and the necessity for each technician will vary. Let’s explore the different types of technical staff you may need.

Our focus quote for this module:

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower


Visual Technician

A visual technician is also called a lighting technician. They facilitate the lighting effects for events. Their job duties vary, depending on the needs of the event. The lighting effects of an event can range from laser shows to just a basic spot light.

Some of the visual technician’s duties include:

• Setting up the lighting equipment.
• Checking that the equipment is working properly.
• Setting up generators.
• Creating the vision of the designers lighting plan.
• Programming light shows or changing the colors of the lights.
• Accessing the best place to run cables for the lighting.
• Packing up equipment after the event.


Media Technician

A media technician is a person who runs the website, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media applications for the event. This can entail making a whole website, posting an advertisement on Facebook, or providing hourly Twitter updates. These technicians are great for getting the “Buzz” started about your event. Having a website, especially for a charity event, is a great way to get information out that may be too lengthy to explain during a presentation.


Audio Technician

Audio technicians are the people who deal with the sound at an event. Their job includes cleaning and repairing audio equipment. They are responsible for making sure the microphones work and are at an appropriate volume. If there is a video presentation, the audio technician is also in charge of the sound equipment for that. The technician should be able to diagnose and resolve any audio issues that the event is having. Basically, if it’s sound related, they are the go-to people.


Specialized Equipment Technician

A specialized equipment technician is basically like the “miscellaneous” of the technical staff category. This is an individual who sets up, maintains, repairs, operates, and takes down a specialized equipment. This technician, in some cases, can be the performer themselves. A magician’s props would fall in to the category of specialized electrical equipment. If part of your entertainment included aquatic animals, the tank would be included in this category of specialized equipment.


Practical Illustration

Monique is going to have a huge event for her husband Jeremy’s company, which specializes in dancewear. At the party, the couple plans to have professional dancers performing exotic dance moves. Some of the dancers will need to be in harnesses so that they can be lifted into the air. They want to have a light show during the performance that highlights the dancers. They also want to have a live band at the event, which needs a separate light show to highlight the singers. Her husband, Jeremy, tells her it would be great to advertise the party on the company website and Facebook. She really has her plate full, but she knows it will be a great event.