Lesson 4 – Types of Entertainment

Types of Entertainment

Entertainment is an important aspect of any event. Entertainment is enjoyment that comes from playing a game, watching a performer, etc. Basically, it is just something that makes people happy and keeps them engaged. There are many types of entertainment for events, in this module we will discuss games, activities, speakers, and performers.

Our focus quote for this module:

“Good plans shape good decisions. That’s why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true.” – Terry Mark



Games are a great way to make any event fun and engaging if done the right way. You have to consider your audience. Juvenile games may not be as successful with older crowds as they would with younger crowds. You wouldn’t want to have a gambling game at a 5-year-old’s birthday party. Additionally, considering the atmosphere and making sure that the game relates to your theme is important.

Here is a very short list of games that can be played at events:

• Carnival Games
• Cake Walks
• Baby Shower Bingo
• Las Vegas Style Gambling Games
• Bingo
• Billiards
• Bowling
• Dance Contest
• Eating Contest
• Scavenger Hunt
• Game Show



Activities are another great way to get people engaged at your event. Like games, you have to make sure they are the appropriate activities for the attendees, theme, and location. The difference between a game and an activity in this context is that a game allows the winner to get a prize. It is a competition. An activity is just something that people do; it does not have any sort of competitiveness. A well selected activity can really highlight your event.

Here is a list of possible activities that you could utilize at your event:

• Amusement Park Rides
• Arts & Crafts
• Bumper Boats
• Caricature Artist
• Dance Lessons
• Dunk Tank
• Face Painting
• Fashion Show
• Hot Air Balloon Rides
• Karaoke
• Laser Tag
• Mechanical Bull
• Petting Zoo
• Tattoo Artist



A speaker is a person who speaks to the attendees at an event. The speaker should be very knowledgeable about the topic that you are asking them to speak about. An event can have one or more speakers. Speakers can just stand on stage and talk about their subject, or they can use visual aids. Speakers are typically utilized at seminars; however, they can also be used at charity events and awards events.

There are a few different types of speakers:

• Professional Speaker– A speaker who is an expert in a particular subject, not related to business.
• Keynote Speaker– A person who delivers a keynote speech, or keynote address.
• Instructor Speaker– A speaker who does training on a skill.
• Industry Speaker– A speaker who is an expert in a particular subject in relation to business or has a respectable reputation for being knowledgeable (or successful) on a subject.
• Entertainment Speaker– Someone who is like a host and keeps the event light, and people engaged.



A performer is a person who publicly engages in an action or activity that requires skill or training. There are a variety of different types of performers. The key is to pick someone who is appropriate for the type of event you are hosting. You would not want to have a charity event with a largely blind audience and have a magician as the entertainment.

Here are a few types of performers:

• Celebrity Impersonator
• Belly Dancer
• Clown
• Comedian
• DJ
• Fortune Teller
• Hypnotist
• Live Bands
• Magician
• Santa
• Sword Swallower/ Fire Eater
• Ventriloquist


Practical Illustration

James was recently offered the opportunity to audition with three other individuals to be the event planner for his local historical society. He is new to the event planning world, but he has taken a few classes on it at his local college, and he feels like he is informed enough to take on the task. The historical society chairperson, Lindsay, has asked him and the other three candidates to formulate a plan. The plan needed to include what the entertainment, theme, decor, and food would entail. He decides it would be a neat idea to have a party that is themed around the Elizabethan era. The entertainment would include tournaments of jousting and dueling knights. He also thinks there should be jugglers and strolling minstrels. He thinks this is an event Lindsay would host, and he is very sure that she will choose him.